Centralized Customer Management....Turn customers into fans....


Centralized Customer Management (CCM) is an innovative way to reach out to existing customers and bring on new ones by using your organizational hierarchy to drive and track data.

The consistent view of all the customers isn’t always easy. Hence CCM hybrids a new technology that consolidate the data across the organizations to create a single centralized view. CCM is entirely web-based application. Analyze information across a range of measures to assess your organizational performance and keeps YOUR KEY DATA IN ONE PLACE, PUT DATA WHERE IT’S NEEDED MOST thereby IMPROVES STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT and provides Critical customer data flows in real-time.

CCM maintains and track a consistent view of an organization’s core business entities, which may involve the data that is scattered across a range of application systems and provide better customer service level satisfaction by global optimization for all customers.

Centralized Customer Management provides Real-time response from a range of data sources, know your customer's history, product details, subscriptions, coupons, server tracking, advanced case and reporting capabilities provide data in the most appropriate and easily understandable way, easily integrate data with transactional sources and process the payments quickly by keeping all history data in centralized server for future tracking.

CCM also gives you a Real-time dashboard for monitoring key performance metrics like Admin dashboard, product Customer dashboard, CCM customer’s dashboard for easy navigation to prospects and customers. All the information resides at multiple levels for easy navigation of your organization and its customers and empowers them to make more informed, hence improve overall business performance.